– Shop Your Way – This article will guide you through the steps of activating your Shop Your Way card which will definitely come in handy while shopping from Sears and Kmart. - Shop Your Way – Shop Your Way

This card comes with numerous benefits which you shall see further in this activation guide.

You can visit the URL: to get your Shop Your Way card activated.

Benefits and Rewards

The Shop Your Way card comes with the following exciting and rewarding benefits –

  • You do not require paying any amount as an annual fee for the maintenance of the card which is definitely a bonus point. You can use the card for any amount of shopping.
  • The people who like to make random gas station purchases are in for a treat. This card offers you 5% shopping points on select purchases from any gas station.
  • The groceries and restaurant bills also earn you atleast 3% points on your Shop Your Way card.
  • A purchase from Sears and Kmart earns you 2% points on your Shop Your Way card.
  • You can also earn 1% points on your Shop Your Way card by making other valid purchases depending on the terms and conditions of the card.
  • You can also earn statement credit of $40 within a time period of 30 days after making a purchase of $50.

How to Activate?

You can follow the steps mentioned below to activate your Shop Your Way card and avail the added benefits. Shopping from any of the above mentioned complex or restaurants will completely get sorted once you activate your Shop Your Way card –

  • Visit the official website for card activation:
  • Next you will be asked to mention your personal details. Start with typing in your card number.
  • Type in your name on the website; make sure that it matches correctly with the name mentioned on your card.
  • Next you will be asked to mention your security code.
  • Finally mention your 4-digit Social Security Number. Make sure that you have typed in the right digits.
  • Proceed to verify the information that you had provided on the website.

These were all the simple steps that you have to follow in order to get your Shop Your Way card activated.

Once the process is complete you can expect a notification for the same stating that your card had now been activated. - Shop Your Way

Rules and Regulations

The terms and conditions for activating your Shop Your Way card have been discussed in the company’s website.

As of the general terms and conditions you are required to take the membership at the Shop Your Way website in order to get your card activated for future purchases.

Keep in mind that without a proper membership you cannot apply for the Shop Your Way card. You are also requested to make an account on the official website and carry for the process of card activation.

The official website shall further guide you along the process and get you started with your shopping experience.

About Shop Your Way

The Shop Your Way card is a project initiated by the collaboration of Sears and Kmart. They have decided to partner up and give their customers the optimal shopping.

Experience with the card policies and the added benefits. This collaboration is in partnership with Citibank.

As two of the most prominent shopping marts Sears and Kmart since the year 2005 the company saw this as a growing.

Opportunity for their corporation as well as their customers to launch the idea of the Shop Your Way cards.

As per the data collected back in the year 2015 the Sears and Kmart were the 20th largest grossing companies in the Unites States.

But, it was also documented that the company underwent bankruptcy in the recent year 2018-19. The Sears Holdings was completely shut after this unfortunate phase.


As we have discussed earlier the Shop Your Way cards are one of the most profitable business actions taken by the Sears and Kmart companies in collaboration with Citibank.

This initiative not only offers the customers a chance to claim exciting benefits but, it also help out the company with marketing.

Shop Your Way FAQs

  • Where can I activate my Shop Your Way card?

Answer – You can activate your Shop Your Way card by visiting the website:

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