www.Myindigocard.com – Indigo Platinum MasterCard

www.Myindigocard.com – Indigo Credit card is a credit card service provided by the American Bank Celtic Bank.The card can be activated from the card activation page www.myindigocard.com


www.Myindigocard.com – Indigo Platinum MasterCard

This article is a comprehensive guide of the activation process of the Indigo Credit card as well it’s details and more.Keep on reading to know all about the Indigo Credit Card.

Benefits and Rewards on the Indigo Credit Card

The very first most attractive feature and benefit of the Indigo platinum Mastercard is that it is an unsecured credit card,making it an accessible card for all and easy to get approval for.

  • There is no security deposit required for the card as well.The card also comes with regular credit bureau reporting.
  • A feature that would be so beneficial for all those trying to build and re-build their credit from scratch.
  • The credit reporting is done to 3 leading credit bureaus.There is also a pre-qualification application process that can be employed.
  • This process does not affect credit score in any way whatsoever.The card comes with a $300 credit limit.
  • There is also only a one time fees on the card,after which there is no annual fee applicable on the Indigo credit card.
  • There is also a fraud protection feature for the card,making it safe and stress free.The best part of all of this is that very low credit score and less than perfect credit score is accepted.
  • when it comes to credit score required to get the card,hence many people can easily apply for it without much worry and also build their credit up eventually.
  • To be able to build a financial reputation or recover one’s financial reputation,whichever one applies to the individual customer.

These are the extremely attractive benefits of the Indigo credit card offered by the Celtic Bank.


How to activate the Indigo Credit Card

In order to activate the Indigo platinum mastercard,mainly to ways can be followed to achieve the activation of the card.

  • Firstly,the Indigo mastercard can be activated through the Indigo website portal.In order to activate the Indigo credit card.
  • Go to the web page www.myindigo.com and look for the login option.Login is a pre-requirement of activating the card.
  • If you do not have an account,then first you will be required to make a new account on the website.
  • Make a new account by entering your card details,Social security number,name as printed on card and more.
  • Follow the instructions on the page and then make a new account.After you have made the new account,now proceed to logging into that account by entering.
  • Your account username as well as your password.Once you have logged into your account,go to the activate card option.
  • Then,enter all the details that are required for the verification process as asked for by the pager,Once you have entered all the details and clicked on activate.
  • The card will be activated immediately.You will get a notification of the activation of your Indigo credit card.
  • In order to activate your Indigo credit card by means of a phone call you need to call on the number 1 866 946 9454.
  • Once you call on that number,you will be connected to a customer service tele-prompter that will guide you in various ways to enter the details that are required.
  • For the verification process as well the process of making a PIN for the card.Once you follow through with all the instruction given out to you carefully.
  • The verification will take place,after which your card will immediately be activated.Once more,you will be notified of the activation of your Indigo credit card by means of a telephonic message and email.

These are the two main ways in which you can activate your Indigo Credit card and use it for later purposes.

Rules and Regulations of the Indigo Credit Card

  • The Indigo credit has an apr rate of 24.9% for purchases.The Indigo Credit card also has an apr rate of 29.9% for cash advances.
  • The penalty apr rate is also the same,at 29.9%.There is no interest on the payments if the bill is paid in full within at least 25 days after the end of one billing cycle.
  • After those 25 days are over,interest will be applied to the bill payment.The minimum amount of interest that can be applied on a late payment is $.50 on the bill.
  • The initial limit on the credit card is about $300.These are only a few of the terms and conditions.In order to read the terms and conditions in full,visit the web page.


About Celtic Bank

Celtic Bank is an American bank.It was founded and formed in the year 2001.It has its headquarters in Saltlake City.

locate din Utah.The bank usually caters to the interests and financing of small business.Indigo card is a venture for those who need to build their credit score.



Indigo credit card is a great credit card for those who need to start scratch when it comes to their credit score.

It is an unsecured credit card and is easy to get approval for with a low credit score requirement.If you meet these criterion,then go ahead and get your Indigo Credit card today.

Celtic Bank FAQs

  • What is the annual fee? 

Answer – There is no annual fee on the card.

  • What is the transaction fee?

Answer – There is a $0 introductory transaction fee for the first year.

  • Does the pre-qualification affect the credit score?

Answer – No,it does not.

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