– Sears Card Log In or Apply – The American departmental store brand Sears offers a credit card in collaboration with CitiBank. - Sears Card Log In or Apply – Sears Card Log In or Apply

Here is a description of the details of the card as well as the process involved in Sears credit card activation on their website and more.

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Benefits and Rewards

The Sears credit card comes with a lot of rewards and benefits.Sears card holders get 5% off on certain selected purchase items on the Sears website.

More over, the card holders have the offer of get free financing for the period of the first 12 months on spending $299 at Sears stores and website.

The card holders are also privy to 5% cash back points at the gas station.The Sears credit card also promises an additional 3% at restaurant and grocery shopping.

This is applicable for the first $10,000 spent on the Sears credit card at grocery stores,gas stations as well as restaurants after which the return points will be 1% on purchases in these places.

The card holders will also get 2% points at purchase that are affiliated with Shop My Way,such as Sears,Kmart and more.

There is further 1% point returns on all other purchases.These are the benefits and rewards that you can reap from purchasing the Sears credit card. - Sears Card Log In or Apply

How to Activate The sears Credit Card?

In order to activate your Sears credit card,you can use three methods.Firstly you can activate your Sears credit card through the online portal.

Secondly, you can activate your Sears credit card through phone and lastly by Mail.

To activate your Sears credit card online,first visit the activation page on

After going to the activation page you will have to enter a few personal details.First,you will be required to enter your account number.

Then you will be asked for your card number and also the last four digits of your social security number,as well as your name as printed on the on the card.

After that you will need wait for the verification process to be over,after which the card will get activated immediately.

To activate your Sears credit card by phone,you will be required to call on the number printed on the back of your credit card.

There will be no charges on the call.Once you call on that number,you will be connected to a customer service provider or a machine automated voice.

Follow the instruction that the two give you and provide them with all the details that they ask for.

You will have to probably enter the details using your phone keypad.After you are done with this,the card will get activated.

To activate the Sears Credit card through mail,you need to send the details of your card and more to the Citibank headquarters address.

Once the mail has been received,the activation will be initiated by Citibank.

These are the ways in which you can activate your Sears credit card. - Sears Card Log In or Apply

Rules and Regulations

The people purchasing the Sears Credit card must be a minimum of 18 years of age in the United States of America,and 21 years of age and above in Puerto Rico in order to be able to avail.

The Sears Credit Card.They must also be the legal residents of the United States of America or Puerto Rico in order to be able to attain this card.

They must also make sure that they posses a verifiable social security number in order to be able to be issued the Sears Credit card.

The customer should make sure that they have a decent credit score and are not in any debt of any kind or going through bankruptcy before applying for the card.

They must also make sure that their legal address is not that of a correctional home.Not complying with the terms and conditions will cause the card to be revoked at any time.

These are some of the Terms and conditions to be able to purchase the Sears credit card.

About Searscard Activate

Sears is an American departmental store brand known famously all  throughout the United States of American and beyond.

It was founded in the year 1892 by Richard warren Sears and Alvah Curtis Roebuck.They were initially a mail order based company.

they opened the first Sears store in 1925 in Chicago.Today Sears has 23 stores all over the united States.


The Sears credit card issued by the American Departmental store brand Sears in collaboration with Citibank is a good card for all those who regularly purchase things.

from the Sears stores and website.If you fall into this category,then purchase your Sears card today and activate on

Searscard Activate FAQs

  • What credit score is required to get this card?

Answer – A credit score of 700 and above is required.

  • What is the APR% rate for purchases?

Answer – The apr% rates for purchases on the Sears credit card is25.24%.

  • Are the points available on all purchases?

Answer – The points are available on certain eligible purchases among the categories discussed above.

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