www.Cabelas.com/Activate – Activate Your CLUB Credit Card

www.Cabelas.com/Activate – By connecting your Cabela’s card with your online CLUB account you can access the benefits of the credit card via your.

www.Cabelas.com/Activate - Activate Your CLUB Credit Card

www.Cabelas.com/Activate – Activate Your CLUB Credit Card

Cabela’s account along with other exciting offers. These offers can only be availed when you activate your primary Cabela’s account.

Benefits and Rewards

By connecting your Cabela’s card with your CLUB account, the card holders can surely avail the following benefits –

  • Firstly, it is open to all the customers who want to connect their accounts with their Mastercard.
  • This card does not require any sort of annual payment which is also a plus point considering the benefits and rewards of the card.
  • There is absolutely zero foreign transaction fee when it comes to Cabela’s card.
  • The Balance transfer fee for the card is as low as 3%.
  • The customers can earn 1% in CLUB points if they make a purchase using the Mastercard in select stores mentioned in the guidelines of the company.
  • While on the other hand the customers can earn 2% in CLUB points if they make a purchase from Bass Pro Shops or Cabela’s.

How to Activate?

You can activate your Cabela’s card by following the steps mentioned below –

  • You can visit the site: www.cabelas.com/activate to start the procedure for activating your Cabela’s card.
  • After you visit the site you have to enter your personal details as mentioned on the activation site.
  • You have to mention your correct address on the website of Cabela’s and this must be similar to the one you had previously mentioned on the Log In site for your card.
  • Next, you will be asked to mention your social security number that you previously possess.
  • Finally if you are sure that you have mentioned all the right details on the website you can proceed to click on the Activate option to get your Cabela’s card activated.
  • You can now expect to receive a confirmation message for your Cabela’s card activation once your card has been activated.

If you follow though these steps accurately you can get your Cabela’s card activated in no time. By further linking your card to your CLUB account you can make sure to achieve exciting prizes over the Mastercard.

www.Cabelas.com/Activate - Activate Your CLUB Credit Card

Rules and Regulations

Firstly it has been firmly established by the company that the Cabela’s card activation or even applying for the card requires you to be of a minimum age of 18.

Also the company states the by applying for the card you are certainly agreeing to take all the responsibilities for any sort of malfunction or theft related to the card.

Also these cards can only be accessed by the CLUB members or account holders. Hence, in order to activate and properly use your Cabela’s card you have to be a member of CLUB.

About Cabelas Activate

Cabela’s is an American based Bass pro shop. The company is situated in Sydney and it is a subsidiary of the.

American Direct Marketer and Speciality Retailer of Outdoor Recreation Merchandise.

The Cabela’s is essentially an outdoor recreational activity company which specialises in hunting and poaching.

Activities and retail business related to it. Cabela’s as a company was founded back in 1961 and it is based in Nebraska, US.

The parent company of Cabela’s is Bass Pro Shops and the White River Marine is a subsidiary of the company.


Cabela’s is currently in companionship with a number of subsidiary companies and other retail businesses.

This card activation can be beneficial for all the CLUB account holders who can look forward to availing exciting offers and benefits with the Cabela’s card.

This card activation process requires you to be a minimum age of 18 or so. But, apart from that the great news about this card is that it does not require any annual maintenance fee.

www.Cabelas.com/Activate - Activate Your CLUB Credit Card

Cabelas Activate FAQs

  • What is the annual charge for activating my Cabela’s card?

Answer – There is no annual charge for card activation.

  • What is the minimum age for ordering a Cabela’s card?

Answer – The minimum age requirement is 18.

  • Is it necessary to connect by Cabela’s card with my CLUB account?

Answer – It is absolutely necessary to do so.

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