Kohls.com/Activate – Manage Your Kohl’s Card

Kohls.com/Activate – American departmental store chain Brand Kohl’s offers an exclusive credit card in collaboration with the American Bank Capital One.

Kohls.com/Activate - Manage Your Kohl's Card

Kohls.com/Activate – Manage Your Kohl’s Card

In this article,you will learn all about how you can activate your Kohl’s Credit card from the online activation page on www.kohls.com/activate.

Keep on reading to learn more about the ways to activate your Kohl’s credit card and the benefits and rewards on the card and more.

Benefits and Rewards on the Kohl’s Credit Card

First of all,the new Kohl card holders will get a 35% discount on their first purchase with their Kohl’s credit card.

The customers availing the Kohl’s credit card also get exclusive monthly discounts,sales and offers specifically made for them to access.

There are also exclusive saving options on the card and special annual discounts for the Kohl’s card holders.

People who use the Kohl’s credit card have the wonderful option of being able to combine their exclusive sale and discount.

Offers with the cash rewards the Kohl’s offer,helping the Kohl’s credit card holders to earn and save more on their Kohl’s purchases with their Kohl’s credit card.

The Kohl’s credit card holders also have this special privilege,that when they spend $600 on their Kohl’s credit card within a period of a year,they can achieve free shipping on their Kohl’s orders.

The credit card also comes with a Kohl’s App which is readily available on both the Google Play store as well as the Apple app store.

One can both manage the Kohl’s credit card through the app and also make secure payments through the means of the app.

The card holders of the Kohl’s credit card also have the option to receive their bank statement paperless in order to contribute to the cause of environmental conservation.

There are also multiple methods that can be used to use the Kohl’s credit card to pay bills and more.These are some of the benefits of the Kohl’s credit card.

Kohls.com/Activate - Manage Your Kohl's Card

How to Activate the Kohl’s Credit Card?

There are a variety of ways in which one can activate their Kohl’s credit card.The very first method is to activate the Kohl’s Credit card by menas of the online web portal.

In order to activate the new Kohl’s credit card online,first you must visit the activation page on www.kohls.com/activate.

After that,if you do not have an online account as of yet,then first you will need to mane an online account by providing the page with you account number that is linked tot he credit card.

The details of the credit card,your name as printed on the card,your social security number and more.Once you have done that.

There will be a verification link sent to the email id you provide.Once that is done,you need to simply login into your newly made online account and then click on the activate card option.

After you have done that,the card will immediately be activated and will be ready for use.

You can even activate the card through the means of a phone call.In order to activate your Kohl’s credit card by phone,you will be required to call on the number 800 954 0244.

Once you call on this number you will be connected to a tele-prompter that will prompt you to enter certain details such as your card number.

social security number and more.Answer and put in those details carefully and once the verification is done,your card will be immediately activated afterwards.

If all these methods seem to complicated to you,then you can simply go to your nearest Kohl’s store and purchase some items with your credit card.

Once you have made a payment with your credit card at Kohl’s,then your card will be activated as well.

These are the simple ways in which you can activate your Kohl’s credit card to be able to use it seamlessly.

Rules and Regulations

The card holder agreement of the Kohl’s credit card is between the user of the credit card and Capital One Bank.

The user of the card must only use the credit card to make purchases at Kohl’s for only non commercial purposes.

Capital One is also authorized to be able to ask for some private details of the user and use them for their official purposes.

There is no annual fees on the card,but the card comes with a high interest rate of about 25.99%.

These are a glimpse of the terms and conditions of the card member agreement.To read the complete card member agreement, go to https://corporate.kohls.com/Legal/CardmemberAgreement.pdf.

Kohls.com/Activate - Manage Your Kohl's Card

About Kohl’s Activate

Kohl’s is one of America’s biggest departmental store chain brand.They offer everything from groceries to apparel and more.

The store was founded in the year 1962 by Polish refugee Maxwell Kohl.The first store was opened as a food supermarket in Brookfield located in Wisconsin.

Today,Kohl’s has almost 1162 stores in all the states of the United States of America,with the exception of perhaps Hawaii.


The Kohl’s credit card offered by Kohl’s Departmental store and Capital One BAnk is a great credit card for those regular customers of Kohl’s.

The card has no annual fee,making it a very fuss free card.The credit score required to purchase the Kohl’s credit card is also not very high.

Hence,if you shop regularly at Kohl’s,get your Kohl’s credit card today.

Kohl’s Activate FAQs

  • Q:What credit score is required to get the card?

Answer – A credit score of 640 and above is required to get the card.

  • Can payments be made with the card at the store directly?

Answer – yes,you can make payments directly at the store.

  • What is the customer service number?

Answer – Contact Kohl’s customer service on the number 866 564 5740.

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