– How to Activate Your new Credit Card – The American Banking and finance company Chase Bank offers a myriad of credit cards for almost each and every need. - How to Activate Your new Credit Card

You can activate the cadr on the activation web page . In this article you will learn about the process of activation the Chase credit cards.

As well as some of the details of the card.In order to know further,keep on reading this article.

Benefits and Rewards

Chase Bank offers a whopping total of 35 credit cards for different categories.Here,I will be discussing only a few of the cards.

And their rewards in order for you to get a better idea of what the rewards could look like on purchasing a Chase Credit Card:

Chase’s Most Popular Rewards Credit Cards

1)Chase Freedom Unlimited Credit Card

This card comes with no annual fee whatsoever.There is a $200 bonus as well as a 5% cash back offer at gas station purchases.

Additionally,card holders receive 1.5% cash back on other purchases made with the credit card.

2)Chase Freedom Flex Credit Card

There is no annual fee.There is a $200 cash back and 5% cash back on gas station purchases.There is also 5% cash back on quarterly rotating categories of purchase.

3)Chase Sapphire Preferred Credit Card

This card has a $95 annual fee.There is also a 60000 points reward.The card holder earns 3 times on dining and 2 times on travel purchases.

Chase’s most popular Travel Cards

1)South west Rapid Rewards Plus Credit card

There is a $69 annual fee.The card holder gets 40000 points as reward and a bonus 3000 annual points.

2)Marriot Bonvoy Boundless Credit Card

There is a $95 annual fees.One can earn 100000 points on this cards.There are also 17 times the earnings on staying at over 7000 hotels all over the world. - How to Activate Your new Credit Card

3)United Explorer Credit Card

There is a 0 introductory slashing of annual fee.The card holders can earn 50000 points on this card.

There is also a privilege of earning twice the miles on purchases at united and dining and hotel stays.

Chase’s Most Popular Finance Credit Cards

1)Ink Business Limited Credit Card

There is no annual fee.There is a $750 reward on this card.There is also unlimited 1.5% cash back on all purchases made with this credit card.

2)Ink Business Cash Credit Card

There is once again,no annual fee.There is a $750 cash back reward on the card.There is also a 5% cash back for selected business categories on this card.

3)United Club Business Credit Card

There is a $450 annual fee.The card holders can earn 1000000 miles on this card.There is also 2 times the earning on purchase made at United.

These are some of the credit cards that Chase offers and the reward you can reap from them.Choose the card you want today by going through the list of Chase cards carefully.

How to activate the Chase Credit Cards?

There are mainly two ways of activating your Chase Credit Cards,that is by online activation through the online Chase Bank Portal or through the means of a phone call.

In order to activate online,you will need to first go to the activation web page on  in order to start the activation process.

Then,first,login to your Chase bank account.If you do not have one,then simply make one by linking the bank account connected to the card and the card to a new account.

On the Chase bank web page.Once you login,click on activate the card.To activate,you will need to input a few details for the verification process.

These informations include your card number,the card details,your name as printed on the card,the last few digits of your ssn and more.

Once you are done with the verification process,the card will be activated.

To be able to activate the card through a phone call,simply call on the number printed at the back of the card.

Once you all on the card,you will be connected to a tele-prompter.Follow the instructions of the tele-prompter in order to complete the card activation process.

Rules and Regulations

Each of the credit cards have a separate set of terms and conditions that card members must fulfil and adhere to.

In order to know more about that,simply look through the terms and conditions of each card separately as given on their card detail pages. - How to Activate Your new Credit Card

About Chase Bank

Chase Bank is a well known American Bank and finance company.It is a national bank.The Bank was founded in the year 1799.Today,the Bank is head quartered in the New York city .


Chase Bank offer a fascinatingly large number of credit cards fore it’s customer.In this article,you got to see just a little glimpse at what the Chase Credit cards have to offer.

Get your Chase credit card for your every need and activate your chase credt card today at

Chase Bank FAQs

  • Do all credit cards have no annual fee?

Answer – Some credit cards do and some don’t.Go through the list of what the credit card have to offer in order to know more.

  • What credit score is required?

Answer – A minimum of 600 is required,however,realistically a credit score of 700 and above is required to be able to manage almost all the Chase credit cards.

  • What is the customer service number?

Answer – Connect to Chase credit card customer service on the number 19800) 432 3117.

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