– Activate Bass Pro Credit Card – The owners of Bass Pro CLUB cards enjoy benefits such as free vouchers, gifts and exciting offers by activating their Bass Pro CLUB card.

The main attraction of these mastercards is that t does not require any annual charge or fee.

To activate your Bass Pro CLUB card today follow the URL:

Benefits and Rewards

The rewards and offers that are listed below are provided to the Bass Pro CLUB card holders –

  • The Classic cardholders can earn up to 2% points on their Bass Pro CLUB cards.
  • The Sliver cardholders can earn up to 3% points.
  • And there is a reward point of 5% on select purchases for the Black Card holders.
  • Similarly, by shopping at Cabela’s and Bass Pro shops you can earn 2% CLUB points.
  • By shopping at Cenex convenience stores you can get 2% CLUB points.
  • And finally on purchases from any other stores or retailers you can get 1% CLUB point on your Bass Pro card.
  • Bass Pro cards do not require any foreign exchange fee.
  • You will also receive a Sign Up bonus of $25 once you decide to sign in to your Bass Pro card.
  • Users can also receive $25 as a bonus if they make a minimum of 5 purchases within 30 days of card activation.

How to Activate?

Activating your Bass pro CLUB card only requires a few simple steps, follow through the instructions guide written down below and get your Bass Pro card activated –

  • Visit the site: and login into the site with your Bass Pro account.
  • Next you have to click on the “Add a card” option to add your card in the website.
  • Further you have to add the details mentioned on your card such as: the card holder’s name, the card number, expiry date of the card and the CVV.
  • After you have added these details on the website you can proceed to click on the add option.
  • With this the procedure is now complete. Your card will soon be activated.

As soon as your card is activated you will receive a message from the Bass Pro CLUB authorities. You can avail the benefits of the card.

As soon as the card is activated and keep in mind that the first five purchases within a month i.e 30 days of activating your card can get you $25 bonus.

Rules and Regulations

A customer or user requires having a minimum credit score of 700 in order to get the credit card from Bass Pro.

Any score lower than that minimises your chance to get your credit card from the company.

Also the applicant must be 18 or older to apply for the Bass Pro credit card. The company verifies the income source of the individual.

their status of living and they also check for any pre-existing debts before opening the account of the individual.

About Bass Pro Activate

The Bass pro company which is popularly known by the title Bass pro Shops is a hunting and fishing outdoor recreation organisation.

The company was formulated around 1972 which means that they have been around in the business for more than 50 years.

They are currently operating in more than 177 locations and the headquarters of the company is based in Springfield, Missouri.


The Bass pro CLUB membership credit card is a great opportunity for the individuals who like to shop local or online frequently.

You just have to be a member of the company with the right credentials in order to open your account and avail the benefits of the card.

The most exciting benefit of the card is that you can get $25 as a staring bonus as soon as you get your card activated.

Bass Pro Activate FAQs

  • Where can I activate my Bass Pro card?

Answer – You can activate your Bass Pro card via their online portal by visiting the website:

  • Do I have to pay an annual fee for my Bass pro credit card?

Answer – You do not have to pay an annual fee for your Bass Pro credit card.

  • What is reward for shopping from Bass Pro on the credit card?

Answer – You can earn 2% point on your Bass Pro credit card.

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