– Welcome to Card Activation – The American bank,Bank of America offers a plethora of credit cards for every American’s needs.In this article,you will read all about the cards that the Bank of America issues. - Welcome to Card Activation

You will also get to know about how to activate the card from be able to learn more about this topic,keep on reading for a step by step guide.

Benefits and Rewards on the Bank of America Cards

The Bank of America offers some 16-17 credit cards that cater to the different needs of a diverse set of people with diverse needs.

Let us take a look at the benefits and rewards that one can receive on the 6 most popular featured cards offered.

By Bank of America in order to get a better idea of what the reward schemes on Bank of America cards can look like.

1)The Bank of America Customized Cash Rewards Card

On this card,one can earn about 3% cash back on any category of the customer’s choice.There is  0 apr for purchase on the first 15 billing cycles and no apr fee on balance.

Transfer for the first 60 days after getting the card.Preferred rewards customers might get an extra 25-75% more cash back.

There is also a $200 cash reward on $1000 spent in purchases within the first 90 days after receiving the card.There is no annual fee.

2)Bank of America Unlimited Cash Rewards Card

The card holders of this get a 1.5% return cash back on all purchases.They have an unlimited cash back privilege.

There is a $200 cash back on any purchase of $1000 within the 1st 90 days,0 apr rate for purchase for 1st 15 billing cycle and 0 balance.

Transfer rate for the 1st 60 days,as well as no annual fee on the card.There is also the same 25-75% extra bonus rewards for Preferred rewards members.

3)The Bank Americard

There is no annual fee.There is no penalty apr rate on this card.The apr rate is  0 for purchases on the first 18 billing cycle and for balance transfers,the first 60 days.

The card holders will have access of their FICO scores.The holders of this card will receive a $100 bonus on spending $1000 within the first 90 days.

The card members  will get access to financial education as to how to manage their card and budgeting. - Welcome to Card Activation


4)The Bank of America Travel Rewards Card

These card holders will get 1.5 points per $1 spent on the card.There is 0 apr fees on purchases for the 1st 15 billing cycles.

There is no annual fee or fee on foreign transactions.The cardholders will receive 25000 points on spending $1000 within the 1st 90 days of receiving this card.

There are also some extra bonuses of 25-75%.

5)Bank of America Premium Rewards credit card

This card gives 2 points on every dollar spent on travel and dining and 1.5 points on every dollar spent at other purchases.

The card holders can receive up to $200 statement credit reward.

They get 50000 points on making a purchase of $3000 within the 1st 90 days of purchasing the card.There is also no foreign transaction.

6)Bank of America Premium rewards elite card

Card holders get 50000 points on $3000 purchase within the 1st 90 days.There are extra bonus rewards.Save up to 20% on travel and airfares.

One can earn 2 points per $1 on dining purchases and 1.5 points per $1 on other purchases.One can get up to $500 as statement credit.

How to Activate the Cards?

One can activate the cards online by first visiting the activation page.Log in using username and password.

if you do not have an account then make one with the last six digits of your card,ssn and more.

After logging in,put in your personal and card details for the verification,and once that is done,the card will be activated.

One can also activate the card through phone.To activate through phone call,simply call on the number 800 276 9939 and then the customer service prompter will guide you as to how to activate the card. - Welcome to Card Activation


Rules and Regulations

The agreement made is between Bank of America and the card holder.The Bank has rights over the deposit account.

The bank can declare the card holder as in debt without any prior notice.The Bank has the right to enforce the agreement as owner of the deposit account.

The bank can withhold credit cards to be able to make sure sufficient funds are available.The Bank may return the security deposit under some special conditions.

To read the terms and conditions in full,look through the terms and conditions of each card offered by Bank of America.

About Bank of America

The bank of America is an American well known Banking service that was formed in the year 1998,after the merging of Bank America and Nations bank.


The Bank of America offers a great variety of cards.Find out the card that you need today and get great rewards on the cards.

Bank of America FAQs

  • Do all cards have no annual fee?

Answer – No,some cards do have an applicable annual fee.

  • Are these all the cards that Bank of America offers?

Answer – No,the bank of America offers 17 cards in total.

  • What is the customer service number?

Answer – Call Bank of America Customer service on the number 1 800 732 9194 to reach card customer service.

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